Cleveland, Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney

Christopher Godinsky is a Criminal Defense Lawyer representing clients throughout the Cleveland Ohio area. He understands the importance of effective and aggressive legal representation to get back your reputation, dignity and freedom. Chris represents individuals charged with misdemeanor and felony crimes in state and federal court. As a talented Cleveland criminal defense lawyer, Chris begins working on your case instantly and will frame a strategy to get you a favorable resolution. Case consultations are always free. Call now 440-826-3400.

Godinsky Law can provide you superior representation in the following areas:

White-Collar Crimes

When faced with white-collar charges, it’s essential to have a criminal lawyer who takes the time to research the latest developments and changes in your business sector, and who tackles your case with utmost care.
White-collar crimes typically refer to non-violent crimes with a financial motivation, such as embezzlement, insurance or tax fraud, money laundering, bank or credit card fraud, gambling, bribery, and Medicaid fraud.
When you’re searching for a criminal lawyer Cleveland offers many options, but it’s vital to get the best representation for your case, since your future and your freedom may be at risk. You have to be sure that your rights are protected and your needs are well understood, which is why you should contact Godinsky Law today.

Theft Crimes

In Ohio, theft offenses are taking very seriously. A theft charge can be escalated to a more serious offense based on the value of the item taken and the means of taking that item. If you are charged with a theft offense, you need a talented Cleveland Criminal Defense Attorney to represent your rights. Attorney Christopher Godinsky is here for you.

Violent Crimes

Cleveland criminal defense attorney Christopher Godinsky offers the strategies and defense you need when you are under investigation or face charges for violent crimes.
Violent crimes include murder and manslaughter, attempted murder, felonious or aggravated assault, kidnapping, carjacking, armed robbery, domestic violence, arson, and assault. Since penalties for these crimes are severe, you have to rely on a great criminal defense lawyer, who has trial experience and has the right skills, in order to build the strongest possible case in your defense. Such cases require a pro-active, aggressive tactic, and many hours of investigation on behalf of the client, in order to reduce the charges or even have them completely dismissed before the trial.

Sex Crimes

Charges, or even investigations involving sex crimes are severely damaging to one’s reputation, and have consequences for a long period of time. The general term of sex crimes covers different situations, such as rape, child pornography (including Internet-related crimes), sexual assault, child molestation, corruption of minors, child enticement, public indecency and obscenity.
Since these are all very serious charges, they could lead to many years in prison, but, even more, they can cause loss of employment, loss of parental rights, and registration as sex offender. A good Cleveland criminal defense attorney such as Christopher Godinsky understands the need to tackle such issues quickly and with determination, in order to limit the damage as soon as possible.

Internet Crimes

For a Cleveland Criminal Attorney dealing with Internet crime charges, the most important aspect is to understand the changes and improvements of new technologies, the way they impact our daily lives, and how the current legislation copes with such changes.
Internet crimes include illegal file sharing, identity theft, hacking, and a wide range of frauds and scams. Since this area is relatively new, the legislation changes frequently, and it’s vital to understand exactly what you could be facing. At the same time, prosecution takes Internet crimes very seriously, and so should you if faced with a criminal investigation.

Drug Possession/Trafficking

As the number of drug-related charges increases, in Cleveland as well as throughout the country, it’s more important than ever to find a Cleveland Criminal Defense Attorney who will devote the energy and time to your case, and who will fight aggressively on your behalf, such as Christopher Godinsky. There are several defense strategies that can be used against drug-related charges, and it takes an experienced lawyer to determine the best suited for your case.
Drug related charges include possession of controlled substances, trafficking or distribution, manufacturing of various drugs, cultivation, prescription fraud, tampering with drugs, or corrupting a minor by using drugs.
All of these can have a significant, long-term impact on your life. If you find yourself the subject of a criminal investigation related to drugs, of if somebody you love is in this situation, contacting a lawyer as soon as possible is the best thing to do. Minor details can change a case completely, and the sooner an attorney has access to your case, the better the outcome will be.

Weapons Violations

Weapons violation charges may refer to possession of a weapon by a felon, gun trafficking, carrying a concealed weapon, gun manufacturing or altering, aggravated robbery or burglary, use or possession of a firearm while a crime was committed, possession of explosives, and so on. An experienced lawyer will analyze all possible options for your case, and will explore every possibility that could reduce the consequences of these charges.

Federal Crimes

Representation against the federal government requires experience, dedication, and quick actions. A good federal criminal defense lawyer can help you with the charges you’re facing. However, it is imperative that you contact a federal criminal defense lawyer immediately, as these charges are very serious.

Misdemeanor Crimes

Attorney Christopher Godinsky represent clients facing misdemeanor charges in all municipal courts in Cuyahoga County.